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PafBag Lifting Bags have lifting slings tested to 7 times more than their stated Safe Working Load.
UK manufactured to meet the internationally recognised Lifting Sling Standard, EN1492-1.  
PafBags are strong, dependable, and widely recognised as the compliant bag for safe lifting.

All our PafBags and PafSling Lifting Cradles incorporate CE marked, EN1492-1 Polyester Lifting Slings and have unique features that Stabilise the Load and increase Side-Wall Strength. Each product is supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity and Safety Instructions.

PafBags and PafSlings are now chosen by more lifting professionals both onshore and offshore around the world to raise their company's Safety Standards and help comply with Height-Safety, Lifting and Environmental legislation.

You get Much More from a PafBag and a PafSling
  • Strong and Safe - Up to 1000kg SWL
  • Replaceable Parts to extend useful life.
  • Safety Features unique to PafBag.
  • Integral Lifting Slings complying with EN1492-1 and CE marked.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity and Proof of First Examination
  • Designed to Protect your goods and the environment.
  • ​​​​Built to Last - Each bag has replaceable parts & has a Two Year Guarantee.

Select from our online store or contact us directly to develop a specific solution for your operation, including:

  • Preferred Dimensions, Shape and Features
  • Different Colour Combinations
  • Unique Labels, Safety Notices and your Company Logo

As well as our smooth UK delivery service, our Products to the European Union are Tariff Free and our Global Fulfilment Team is ready to help.

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