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141 Litre Water Resistant Roll Top Lifting Bag

141 Litre Water Resistant Roll Top Lifting Bag

300 mm Diameter x 2.0m High

300kg SWL

Product Code : RTRND 141L PB FML
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Versatile, medium sized lifting bag that can be closed to secure the load or used Providing full protection to "medium diameter, long objects" when carrying and lifting to height. 

Two Lifting Slings complying to EN1492-1 and linked by a forged Master Link provide excellent security to this lifting bag.

Three Ring Slings provide excellent side wall strength, whilst a 5mm thick rigid plastic internal base plate bears the weight of the load and transfers the force through to the two Lifting Slings. 

Four well placed Carrying Handles enable this tall bag to be carried upright by two persons and help to position or 'land' the bag during the lifting operation.

This bag is closed at the top; using a Roll Top closure method secured by velcro and a snap fit buckle. 

You have two options for how this bag is finished off at the base, (Hard Tray option is shown in the picture):

  • Hard Tray Option: A tough external tray made from 5mm thick rigid plastic provides excellent external wear resistance. 
  • Protective Boot Option: PVC boot cover provides a cheaper option where undue abrasion to the base is not envisaged.

You have two options on the style of lifting sling connection point:
  • Ferrous Steel Master Link: Standard (orange) PEWAG Master Link used throughout mainland industry.
  • Stainless Steel Master Link: PEWAG Marine Grade Stainless Master Link used in marine or corrosive environments for maximum confidence.