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320 Litre Open Top Bag

320 Litre Open Top Bag

800 x800 x 500 mm High

300kg SWL

Product Code : OTLB 320L HT PWS
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Open topped to ease loading, unloading and viewing of contents, this lifting bag was originally designed to lift a robot! Currently available in yellow colour, whilst other colours available by contacting us directly.

The lifting sling, complying to EN1492-1 and CE marked, is secured in a 'basket hitch' through the fabric of the bag to provide industrial grade strength whilst supporting the load appropriately for formal lifting purposes. It can be rotated and fully revealed on both sides for inspection. This bag has a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The PafBag Ring-Sling system allows full freedom of the Lifting Sling to take the strain without damaging the bag whilst providing excellent side-wall strength and load security when lifting heavy objects.

A 5mm thick, internal high density polyethylene base plate directs the forces onto the lifting sling whilst protecting the bag and sling from sharp loads. Two side walls are stiffened to further protect the load and maintain the bag's shape when loading.

The two handles (30kg Max. load each) at each end enable the bag to be guided around obstacles, lifted over guard rails, and then carried by one or two persons along gantries and through doorways.

Hard Tray: A 5mm thick, durable plastic tray provides excellent wear resistance against concrete floors, mesh gantries etc.