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94 Litre Roll Top Bag with Shoulder Straps

94 Litre Roll Top Bag with Shoulder Straps

400 mm Diameter x 750 mm High

300kg SWL

Product Code : RTRND 94L SH PB PWS
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Developed for the wind energy engineers walking in with kit to be lifted to height this practical bag combines fully compliant lifting technology with people-friendly ergonomics. The red shoulder straps enable the bag to be carried as a 'rucksack'.

The round base reduces snagging through bulkheads and the Roll Top closure system creates a near air tight seal to protect both contents and the environment. 

The integral lifting Sling, complying to EN1492-1 and CE marked, is finished off with purple wear pads and is able to be rotated and fully revealed on both sides for full inspection.  

The PafBag Ring Sling system provides excellent side wall strength across the seams, whilst an internal HDPE base plate supports the weight of the load and transfers the force through to the Lifting Sling. This bag has a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The Rucksack straps are coloured bright red to easily distinguish them from the lifting sling during lifting operations in low light conditions. 

This bag is closed at the top; using a Roll Top closure method secured by velcro and a snap fit buckle. The bag can be easily converted to an Open Top Lifting Bag by folding in the top section, enabling easy loading and quick access.

  • You have two options for how this bag is finished off at the base:

Hard Tray Option: A thick and tough HDPE external boot provides excellent external wear resistance. (Hard Tray option shown in photo)

Protective Boot Option:  A lightweight material base cover provides a cheaper option