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Budget Anti Drop Lifting Kit

Budget Lifting Kit

Product Code : PF2 LIFTKIT 15M
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Budget-priced 1:1 pulley system with Anti-Drop Function, designed for situations where the overhead pulley needs to be high and out-of-reach whilst allowing full control over rope direction by a person standing at gantry or ground level. Eg. on a scaffold gantry.

The kit comprises the following items

  • 15m certified Lifting Rope with one factory sewn loop
  • Pulley Kit (Pulley, Karabiner Connector and Attachment Sling)
  • 0.75m Anchor Strop with plastic sheath
  • Pro Traxion Pulley and Rope Clamp (Note: new 2023 version of pro traxion supplied, not the one in photo)
  • 2 Screwgate Connectors