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Gas Cylinder Lifting Bags

We do not compromise with the serious purpose of these bags, which is to lift compressed gas cylinders up to height. And we do not believe that any of our bags should depend on PVC canvas or sewn seams for their strength.

The PafBag System has double lifting slings for extra strength and 100% redundancy, fully bound by the dependable PafBag Ring-Sling System, Master Link options, internal base plates plus external Hard Trays - these PafBags are thorough-bred for lifting gas cylinders!

Each lifting bag has a clear pouch for Hazchem labelling and a half-bellows to allow the valve equipment to breath to the atmosphere. The litre-sizing on the bags is based on our own stock coding system and doesn't attempt to relate to the size of the gas cylinder it is designed to fit. Check the diameter of your cylinder - best done by getting a circumference and converting it to a diameter. The height dimension given is to the base of the bellows on the bag, which should match the height of the straight side of your cylinder to just below the curved section leading in to the valve.

Cowlings can affect the sizing of the lifting sling so we encourage you to contact us to confirm any important detail so that you can be sure it is the right bag for your needs. We can supply these bags with sling protectors, and we are continuously making bespoke bags for different shaped cylinders so do talk to us if you want to discuss any aspect. 

Some of the bags have a red retainer strap to allow a security belt to be carried on the bag during the lift (available as a separate item.), As the cylinder is delivered to its new location by winch, the, the risk of the cylinder falling over is eliminated by using the accompanying security belt to strap the cylinder against guard rails or superstructure whilst still supported by the winch. Please see the action photos on the home page, which show the retainer belts and the bellows system in action.
  • 300Kg SWL. Two Year Guarantee
  • 500kg and 1000kg SWL available by arrangement - please contact us to discuss this option.
  • Two Slings to EN1492-1. CE Marked to double stated strength and add 100% redundancy.
  • 5mm Thick Plastic Internal Base Plate
  • Rigid plastic liner available by arrangement
  • Two Master Link Options available - please see options on each bag.
  • Tough, 5mm thick, External Hard Tray
  • Lifting Handles on most models
  • Clear Pouch for Hazchem information
  • Half Bellows to accommodate valve gear.
  • Lifting Slings, Ring Sling and Base are Replaceable Parts. Please contact us for further information.