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Open Top Lifting Bags

All our Rectangular Open Top Bags have removable wall stiffeners to assist compact storage and transportation.

These bags are great 'work-horses' on construction sites, walls, roofs and masts.

The opposing sling-walls of each bag have two skins of material and a 3mm thick, removable stiffening sheet the full length of the bag. These stiffened walls, together with their open tops, make these bags great for the easy loading of heavy items and providing instant access to materials and tools at the work site. The bag keeps it's shape when being lifted half-full and is great for supporting heavy loads whilst protecting the lifting slings. 

By inserting further plastic sheets to the end walls, these bags become rigid 'bins' that fully protect the bag from any sharp contents.

The height dimensions shown are the useful load height of the bag. That is the height of a box that could be inserted to the bag. Other dimensions such as height to hook are available by contacting us.