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PafBag Anchor Kit

Anchor Kit

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This anchor kit solves the problem of how to install a pulley above head height on a scaffold gantry without having to climb above guard rail height.

Other methods require the installer to climb above guard rail height, putting themselves at risk of falling and inviting the wrath of main contractors and the HSE.

Using this kit as shown in the video means the installer:

  1. Is not put at risk during the install.
  2. Keeps all his valuable equipment with him - not left on the scaffold for the erector to place and retrieve on his behalf.
  3. Gets the job done fast!

See the video on How to install the PafBag Anchor Kit within two minutes of arrival at site. 

It is used in conjunction with the PafBag 'Goalpost Scaffold' arrangement (See Lifting Article on this website). 

The anchor kit is attached to the scaffold at waist height and the end is thrown over the bar, coming to rest against the central scaffold coupling. The pulley is attached then easily adjusted as high as possible ensuring the metal strop is the only item that has contact with the bar and coupling.

This anchor kit is safe for use with loads up to 100kg and is therefore ideal for manually lifted loads.

Use it with one of the two pulley systems: the ground breaking PG150 Lifting Kit or the cheaper Standard Lifting Kit  for a quick lifting system which is safe and legal to use.