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PafSling Lifting Systems

A range of unique Lifting Spiders and Lifting Wraps, designed by PafBag in close cooperation with end users to encapsulate solid objects ready for lifting to height.

We integrate EN1492-1 compliant lifting slings with our Ring Sling system in a very secure design that provides full confidence to lifting engineers, project managers and safety officers that the object will stay captured throughout the lift and be delivered safely to its new location.
  • ​​​​​​Standard SWL of 300Kg; whilst 500kg and 1000kg SWL are often chosen by clients for their project. Two Year Guarantee
  • Each PafSling will lift a range of shapes and sizes around its stated size, making it a very versatile tool that can be designed to lift more than one of your objects.
  • Single(Basket Hitch) or Double Lifting Slings, compliant to EN1492-1, to increase strength and provide full confidence.
  • Fully Rated, Traceable, 17KN strong, Metal, Quick-Fit Buckles used on the Ring Sling to stabilise the load and maintain its weight on the lifting sling.
  • Very compact when stowed away for travelling etc.
  • Bespoke systems created at 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg SWL. CE Marked.
We recommend you choose the option of having dedicated sling protectors to reduce impact and abrasion damage under the load if the load is to be loaded onto rough surfaces.

We include a number of PafSlings in this section to show you the capability of the system. Do contact us if you have an object that requires lifting in a certain orientation and we will design a Spider or a Wrap to support it securely.