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PG150 Lifting KIt

PG150 Lifting KIt

Available in Three Lengths

Product Code : PF2 PG150 25M
Rope Length
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MPN:  PF2 PG150 25M

Anti drop pulley kit designed for lifting items to height with a greatly reduced risk of falling objects.

The rope and connectors are all pre assembled to ease installation, and the kit can be packed away and carried in the personal rucksack supplied. (The rucksack is not a lifting bag.)

This pulley can be controlled even when it is above head height and out of reach. An ingenious mechanism inside the pulley allows the rope to run freely in either direction. During a mishap, the rope speeds up and instantly locks the pulley.

The pulley continues to support the load until the user gently pulls the lifting rope to unlock it and continue with the operation.  As the locking-unlocking function is commanded directly through the Lifting Rope, the pulley can be positioned out of reach yet still be controlled with just the lifting rope.

This system is configured in a 2:1 pulley and has a certified Safe Working Load (SWL) of 150Kg, with a Factor of Safety of 10:1. 

(A 25m rope length enables a maximum lift height of 11m with the operator at the top of the drop, or 8m with the operator at the bottom - see picture).