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Solar Panel Lifting Bag 130

Lifts items to 1.8m x 1.3m high

Product Code : PB 130
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MPN:  PB 130

Similar design to the PB240, this Panel Lifting Bag is EN1492-1 compliant, having a CE marked Lifting Sling required by Safe Procedures of Work and passing Safety inspection requirements.

500Kg Safe Working Load. Fully rated for lifting flat objects up to height; including solar panels, plasterboard, plywood sheets, window frames and signage up to 1.8m wide x 1.3m high and 100mm approx. deep.

Unique open system protects protruding items from pressure and strain. Eg. Valves on Solar Thermal Panels.

Made with high quality materials such as stainless steel buckles that don't crush underfoot and Polyester lifting slings conforming to EN1492-1 for lifting items to height.

Two metal poles along the top edge of the 1.4m wide bag provide ergonomic carrying handles for one or two persons, then serve to protect the panels from sideways knocks during the lift.

Two horizontal 'Ring Slings' encircle the bag and capture the lifting slings to produce a lifting cradle that is both strong and secure. The ring slings have adjustable buckles that can opened for loading then adjusted to accommodate objects up to 1.8m wide.

There is a single lifting point at the top of the bag and two 'D-Rings' low down on the bag, complete with a detachable Delta Sling to enable stabilising ropes to be attached to prevent twisting during the lift.

Further protection measures include padding to the base of the bag to protect the load against floor impacts, and sling tunnels to protect the sling system from damage.  

This PafBag is manufactured with durable materials to a high level of quality in the UK and is designed for repeated use over many years when lesser designs have fallen apart.

Each PafBag is supplied with User Safety information and an EC Declaration of Conformity