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SPANSET Grabba Bags

The GRABBA lifting bag is a roll top water resistant containment bag with a rated lifting assembly.

What can it be used for? (Intended Function): The GRABBA Bag allows workers to load tools and materials into a safe containment bag and lift them in compliance with LOLER. The medium bag has been tested to a SWL of 125kg.

What can I use with it? (Compatibility): The GRABBA lifting bag has an integrated master link allow the worker to attach it to any lifting device with a suitable hook.

 Who can use it? (Competence, Size and Adjustment): Work at height and lifting can be a high risk activities. It is therefore essential that all users are competent in the pre use inspection, fitting / adjustment and use of this item. The GRABBA bag comes in 3 sizes: Small—75kg SWL Medium—125kg SWL Large—250kg SWL

 How log will it last? (Maintenance, Inspection and Lifespan): The GRABBA bag is CE mark in compliance with the machinery directive to EN1492.1 for lifting. It should be maintained in the same way as other lifting accessory, such as slings. All maintenance, inspections and records should be undertaken in compliance with LOLER.