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V-Flap Lifting Bags

New for 2021: All our V-Flap Bags have removable wall stiffeners to assist compact storage and transportation.

Our rectangular V-Flap bags have secure double Velcro closures to comply with environmental guidelines & keep the contents secure and dry.

The opposing sling walls of each bag have two skins of material and a 3mm thick, removable stiffening sheet the full length of the bag.

This design maintains the bag's shape when loading or being lifted half-full and is great for supporting heavy loads whilst protecting the lifting slings. 

The smaller bags have either Stainless Steel Delta Rings or Purple Wear Sleeves as connection options. The 500kg and 1000kg SWL bags use the wear sleeve option to help manage the heavy loads and allow larger lifting hooks to be used.

The height dimensions shown are the useful load height of the bag. That is the height of a box that could be inserted to the bag - indicated where the lifting sling appears from the sling tunnels. Other dimensions such as height to hook are available by contacting us.

These bags come with tough, 5mm thick external Hard Trays to combat abrasive environments.