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Water Resistant Multi Access Large Lifting Bag

Water Resistant Multi Access Large Lifting Bag

800 x 600 x 600 mm High

1000kg SWL

Product Code : 704L MABAG GS GWS
High Visibility Orange
Practical Black
Mid Blue
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At 800mm x 600mm x 600mm high, this highly versatile, water resistant lifting bag has both an Internal Tray and an external Ground Shield to keep the contents in good condition.

All four walls can be partly or fully opened to allow different levels of ergonomic access. They can even be completely opened to allow machinery to be operated on site without needing to be unloaded from the bag.

Full load security is provided with all four corners of the bag able to be locked and then strengthened with two horizontal Ring Slings c/w adjustable/detachable buckles. These ring slings are designed to offer wall security whilst lifting and load stability whilst at rest with the walls partially opened.

Loading the bag can be done by hand or forklift, as the front wall of the bag drops down and the top of the bag folds back for easy access. All four sides have rigid plastic wall inserts to provide rigidity for easy loading and load protection. These can be removed to allow the bag to be folded compactly for storage and carriage. 

We can supply further internal partitions, compartments and containers made to your design for this bag. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

The integral Polyester Lifting Sling is rated at 1000Kg SWL, with a 7:1 Safety Factor, in a straight-line round-sling pull test. The sling runs through tunnels around the bag to protect the sling, keep it firmly in position, yet allow it to settle upon loading so as not to stress the fabric of the bag.

The CE marked sling can be rotated to allow inspection and is quality assured through batch testing with an independent testing house to comply with the requirements of EN1492-1.

EC Declaration of Conformity supplied.